Sony Open Hawaii – PREVIEW

The Sony Open in Hawaii will kick off the 2021 Waggle Duff season. Professional golf on the whole will continue to look strange on our TV (at least we won’t have the made-up crowd noises like we see on the Darts) as the players get to grips with playing behind closed(ish) doors. These are theContinue reading “Sony Open Hawaii – PREVIEW”

Why Golf courses should remain CLOSED

I read a number of people on Twitter commenting on how ridiculous it is that the Lockdown has closed golf courses across the UK. However, zooming out of the golf world, a one which I love, it’s clear this is the right decision. Something I am vocal about is the disconnect that golf has withContinue reading “Why Golf courses should remain CLOSED”

MIRACLE on the 17th – A Short COVID Golf Story

18 months ago was the last time I played Golf with my Dad and after this game, it could be 18 months until we play again! Fortunately, we managed to play just before the most recent lockdown, Lockdown3 that started in early January. Teeing off at 8am, playing the back 9 of the tree-lined, LeightonContinue reading “MIRACLE on the 17th – A Short COVID Golf Story”